GUEST POST: Tale as Old as Time

by Tom Rusbridge, University of Birmingham


The two modern films’ adaptations of the characters on a 2017 Beauty and the Beast 2-Movie Collection (accessed 8th January 2018).

Disney’s live-action remake of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was released in Spring 2017 and made its little-screen debut over Christmas. Following on from the animated feature classic of 1991, the fantastical nature of the film’s object-based cast should be interesting to historians as characters such as Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts readily lend themselves to a long history of human relationships with objects and their agency; a significant and widely contested debate among historians, archaeologists, sociologists and anthropologists alike working on material culture.



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Votes for Women: What are we celebrating?

Votes 100, 3 - banner image

by Melanie Khuddro

This week marks the centenary of the Representation of the People Act receiving Royal Assent; the week when women were first legally recognised to have voting rights in the UK. Countless flags, banners and badges adorned in green, white and purple have emerged at the many events and campaigns launched in celebration of the success of the suffrage movement. Inevitably, social media has monopolised the conversation with a stream of reminders that people in history fought hard to give women the political status they enjoy today, and stressing why it is important that women exercise their vote. Continue reading

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REGISTRATION OPEN for the ”Social Listening’ Workshop’

Social Media by AbrahamID

‘Social Listening’ Workshop: building qualitative skills in social media research

10am – 4pm, Saturday 24 February 2018

Palmer 101, Whiteknights Campus, University of Reading

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25th December 1914: Christmas Day on board HMS Talbot

by Dr Ruth Salter [1]

Great-grandad in uniform 1

My great-grandfather, Arthur John Pidgeon

I know that it’s not 25th of December today, but what could be more fitting for the final blog post of the series, and for the final entry taken from my great-grandfather, Arthur John Pidgeon’s W/T Signal Log than his Christmas Day’s log?

If you’ve missed the other two blog posts with extracts from Arthur’s Log, see the first entry, and the second entry.




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23rd December 1888: The Van Gogh story everyone wants to hear…

by Donna Yamani

van gogh 2

Vincent Van Gogh, Self Portrait With A Bandaged Ear, 1889

On the night before Christmas Eve in 1888 — a cold Sunday evening in the French city of Arles — Vincent Van Gogh took the razor he kept on his small dressing table and slashed off his left earlobe.

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