About ‘Social Listening’


by Dr Dina Rezk

Dina Rezk profileAccording to IBM, 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years. But how prepared are the humanities to confront an era of near-omniscience? The contours of historical memory are being shaped in the digital era in novel and groundbreaking ways. Often providing the ‘first draft’ of history, social media serves as an exciting and ever expanding database for those of us writing recent history or tracking ongoing political debates.

Moving beyond the quantitative approaches traditionally associated with ‘Big Data’, this British Academy funded engagement programme will bring together a range of academics and practitioners engaged in qualitative social media analysis. Promoting vital knowledge exchange and interdisciplinary dialogue between different sectors, we seek to explore, share and develop qualitative methods that will allow future scholars in the humanities to pursue cutting-edge research in ‘social listening.’


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For further information and links to resources visit: ‘Social Listening in the Past, Present and Future