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Darwin Rocks!

  by Prof. David Stack September 2017 was not the best month for Charles Darwin. The introduction of the new £10 note saw his bearded profile usurped by a polymer Jane Austen; the Erdogan government implemented its removal of the … Continue reading

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Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species 155th anniversary

By Professor David Stack On 24 November 1859 a book containing ‘the best idea anybody ever had’ was published. Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by means of natural selection had been twenty-one years in the making and was … Continue reading

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James Moore presents on ‘What Darwin means to me’

On 11 February 2010, James Moore, arguably the most influential of Darwin’s many biographers, gave a talk in Reading.  He reflected on his many years of Darwin scholarship and explored the question ‘What Darwin means to me’.  The meeting doubled as the inaugural meeting … Continue reading

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