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Desert Island Darwin by Professor David Stack #HistoricalDesertIslandDiscs

Today’s castaway is a nineteenth century scientist who, by formulating what the philosopher Daniel Dennett called ‘the single best idea anyone ever had,’ changed the way in which we understand life on earth. Our guest today is Charles Darwin (1809-1882). … Continue reading

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Darwin Rocks!

  by Prof. David Stack September 2017 was not the best month for Charles Darwin. The introduction of the new £10 note saw his bearded profile usurped by a polymer Jane Austen; the Erdogan government implemented its removal of the … Continue reading

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Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species 155th anniversary

By Professor David Stack On 24 November 1859 a book containing ‘the best idea anybody ever had’ was published. Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by means of natural selection had been twenty-one years in the making and was … Continue reading

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James Moore presents on ‘What Darwin means to me’

On 11 February 2010, James Moore, arguably the most influential of Darwin’s many biographers, gave a talk in Reading.  He reflected on his many years of Darwin scholarship and explored the question ‘What Darwin means to me’.  The meeting doubled as the inaugural meeting … Continue reading

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