It’s a Whole New World

 With apologies to Joseph Heller and Catch 22:

 “What? What must I do?”

     Colonel Korn laughed curtly. “Like us.”

     Yossarian blinked. “Like you?”

     “Like us.”

     “Like you?”

     “That’s right,” said Colonel Korn, nodding, gratified immeasurably by Yossarian’s guileless surprise and bewilderment. “Like us. Join us. Be our pal. Say nice things about us here and back in the States. Become one of the boys. Now, that isn’t asking too much, is it?”

     “You just want me to like you? Is that all?”

     “That’s all.”

     “That’s all?”

     “Just find it in your heart to like us.”


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1 Response to It’s a Whole New World

  1. Jeremy Burchardt says:

    You can always rely on Catch-22 for an apt quotation – made me laugh!

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