Department of History Seminars, Autumn Term 2013

Wednesday 17 October 1-2pm
HumSS 125

Linda Risso, Reading
‘Preaching to the converters? The NATO Information Service during the Cold War’

Wednesday 31 October 5-7pm

Leslie Theibert, Yale University
‘The Western Design and the Cromwellian Vision of Empire’

Wednesday 14 November 1-2pm
UROP Placements Presentations

HumSS 142
Rosie Knight
Enslaved we nursing in the pre-civil war USA
Gemma Woods
Propaganda during the Cold War: The case of the NATO Letter

Wednesday 12 December 5-7pm

Daniel Beer, RHUL
The Spectre of Rebellion: The fabrication of the Zerentui Conspiracy of 1828

Convenor: Dan Healey (

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