European Integration History Seminar

Wednesday 20 March
British Foreign Policy in the 1970’s
11.00 – 12.30 HumSS G10

Matt Broad Reading
The Danish Connection: Anglo -Scandinavian relations, NORDEK and the first enlargement of the EEC

Kai Hebel Oxford
London’s ‘lemon strategy’: Britain, détente, and the ‘human rights revolution ‘; of the 1970’s

Lunch HumSS 142

Economic European Integration in the 1970’s
1-2.30pm HumSS 280

Angela Romano, LSE
An actual international actor: The EEC and East-West relations

Laurent Warlouzet LSE
European Integration, market regulations and the economic crisis, 1973-81

Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol Glasgow
European Integration and Financial Globalisation: Banking Regulation and Supervision in Western Europe 1960’s-1980’s

2.45-4pm HumSS 280

Convenor: Linda Risso

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