The Stenton Lecture 2013

The Department is pleased to announce that the annual Stenton Lecture will take place on 21 November 2013. This year’s lecture is entitled ‘From Jacobitism to the SNP: the Crown, the Union and the Scottish Question’, will be given by Professor Colin Kidd, Wardlaw Professor of Modern History at the University of St Andrews and Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. Inspired by the debates surrounding the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence, Professor Kidd will investigate republican sentiments and the place of the monarchy within the Scottish political tradition, with special emphasis on the recent history of the SNP.

The lecture starts at 18.30 in the Henley Business School on the University of Reading’s Whiteknights Campus, and is followed by a reception. All are welcome but booking is advisable:

Traditionally, the Stenton Lecture is accompanied by a symposium, which explores the lecture’s topic in more detail. This year’s Stenton Symposium takes place on 22 November 2013 in the Henley Business School. It brings together a diverse group of historians, a political scientist and a civil servant to discuss the context and implications of the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence.

Symposium Programme

Date: 22 November 2013

Place: Henley Business School


10.30-11.00 Professor Roger Mason (University of St Andrews): ‘Scotland, Britain and a Europe of Multiple Monarchies’

11.00-11.30 Dr Karin Bowie (University of Glasgow): ‘Scottish Constitutionalism Before the Union of 1707’

11.30-12.00 Neal Ascherson (journalist and author): ‘European background and context’

12.00-12.45 Discussion

12.45-14.00 Lunch

14.00-14.30 Professor Ian Levitt (Central Lancashire): ‘Scotland and its financial relationship with the UK in the 19th century’

14.30-15.00 Dr Alan Renwick (University of Reading): ‘What Can We Expect in 2014?  Lessons from Comparative Politics’

15.00-15.30 Discussion

15.30-16.00 Tea

16.00-16.30 Sir David Bell (VC, University of Reading):  Comments

All welcome. Booking fee: £15. Please register:

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