Spotlight on: Dr Elizabeth Matthew

I was born in Swansea but grew up in London. I was an undergraduate and postgraduate at the University of Durham.

Dr Elizabeth Matthew

My research interests and publications focus on the political and social history of late medieval England and Ireland. I did my postgraduate research on the English lordship of Ireland c.1420-52. A recent conference paper at the International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds, focused on what a the chance survival of a personal letter written in Ireland in 1429 reveals about transmission of news from France to Ireland via England at a crucial turning-point in the Hundred Years War. I am also currently working on a chapter on fifteenth-century Ireland for a new Cambridge History of Ireland.

Within the Department, I am the Part-Time Degree Coordinator and Module Convenor for History Education, Ireland and the English in the Middle Ages, Kingship and Crisis in England c.1154-1330. Outside the Department I am a Member of the Council of the Historical Association.

My interests outside history revolve around family and friends at home and abroad. I also enjoy reading nineteenth-century English novels and going to the theatre.


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