Departmental Research Seminar Spring Term 2014

The Invention of Ceremony, Wednesday 12 February 3.00-6pm, Palmer G05

Lindy Grant, Reading
Blanche of Castile and the invention of ceremony

Jeremy Burchardt, Reading
‘Roast beef and plum pudding’: the ceremony and symbolism of c.19th allotment society rent suppers

Nicholas Bell, British Library
The Socialist Pageant in Inter-War Britain

Ceremonies of Rulership, Wednesday 12th March 2.30-6pm, Palmer 111

Janet Dickinson, Reading
Approaching the Queen: adapting to the challenges of ceremony at the Elizabethan court

Alice Hunt, Southampton Ceremony and the English Republic

Anna Keay, Landmark Trust
Sure never to see the like again in this world: the 1661 coronation of Charles I

Convenor: Lindy Grant,

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