Part 2: A chance to gain marketing research skills

Part 2 students!

If you would like to gain some skills and experience relevant to marketing research, why not apply for the UROP project below? It is open to students from any discipline, but has not so far received many applications. The closing date is this Friday. If you are interested, act now!

Competitor analysis in international development postgraduate teaching

Supervisor: Sarah Cardey (

Project Outline: This project will support work in the Graduate Institute for International Development and Applied Economics in generating and understanding of the dynamics of their competitor institutions within the UK and the EU. It will include analysis of what they do, their marketing and communication strategies, and their market position.

Skills, knowledge and experience required: The student will need to be comfortable with computers, and searching for information using online sources. They need to be organised, so that they can be systematic in how they do the research. We will provide training on statistical software that is going to be used, but comfortability with numbers will be an asset. Strong writing skills are important.

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