Mothering Slaves Research Network

   Dr Emily West is Co-Investigator of the international research network funded by an AHRC network grant entitled:

“Mothering Slaves: Comparative Perspectives on Motherhood, Childlessness and the Care of Children in the Atlantic Slave Societies”




Drawing together scholars who are investigating the lives of enslaved women in Brazil, the United States, and the Caribbean, this research network pays particular attention to issues related to motherhood, the care of children, and childlessness. Scholars are invited to consider how enslaved motherhood worked similarly across Atlantic slave societies, to find out what the important differences were in different slave societies, to compare representations of enslaved motherhood in the arts, and to consider the best methodologies for investigating these issues. This network aims to draw out points of similarity and difference, and seeks to encourage new ways of thinking about enslaved women in the Atlantic world through the benefit of comparative perspectives.

For more information on the research network go to:

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