Student Blog Competition 2015


Are you interested in writing or blogging?

Want to communicate your work to a wider audience?

Would you like to show that you can write for the public?

Then take part in our blog competition… 

The Temple of Worthies was a shrine to great Britons according to Lord Cobham, and features sixteen notable figures famous for their ideas and for their actions, from Queen Elizabeth I to Milton. Who do you think deserves a space as a ‘Worthy’? Nominate an international historical figure to the Temple of Worthies and write a blog to explain why they deserve to be part of it!

The blog will be posted on our students’ page and the undergraduate and postgraduate posts with the most views will be awarded a £30 book voucher each.

Submit your post by Friday, March 27 to

Winners will be announced during week 1 of summer term

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