Our Award-Winning Students

Erica Askew-Jones has been awarded the 2011 Chancellor’s Award for outstanding academic achievement.  Only 80 awards are given each year, to those students who received the top marks in their subject area.

Read on to to find our Erica’s experience of studying at Reading, and her highlights and ambitions.

What inspires you about your chosen subject of study?

History is continuous, and all history is contemporary. History defines who we are. It enables us to relate to the lives of our ancestors and shows us how societies became the way that they are today.

Why did you choose to come to Reading to study?

Reading was my choice of university primarily because of my course, although I was also attracted by its good reputation, attractive campus and location.

What was the highlight of 2010/11?

For me, the highlight of 2010/11 was results day – after the stress of the exam period, and work

throughout the year, it was a relief to finally find out what I had achieved.

What do you see yourself doing in five years time?

In five years’ time, if I am fortunate, I would like to have found a position which will enable me both to work and to continue my studies.

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