Part 2 Students: Teach First and Pizza Lunch!

Date: Wednesday 3rd February from 1-2pm

Venue: HUMSS 128

Join Teach First for a pizza lunch to discover more about their special route to accelerate your leadership career in education, business and beyond.  Teach First is a graduate employer, who aims to support your development as an influential teacher and leader.  The 2-year Leadership Development Programme (LDP) combines your development as a salaried teacher with mentoring and exclusive internship opportunities at its partner organisations. If you are successful in gaining a place on the Teach First LDP, you may be able to apply for a bursary from the university.

Teach First is a particularly challenging route into Education – check out Tough Young Teachers, the BBC programme about the scheme available via YouTube. But Teach First is well worth investigating alongside other options. It aims to give you key leadership skills and a fully funded PGCE to enable you to excel wherever your career takes you after the 2 years of teaching on the LDP. Many Teach First participants stay in the classroom for life, but others are snapped up by organisations like PwC, The Civil Service, Accenture and many others – because of the leadership skills gained.  For further details see Teach First.  For alternative routes into a career in Education, explore UCAS.

Meanwhile, come and enjoy a slice of pizza!

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