Two 3-week Placements Available at Berkshire Record Office

UPDATE 01/07/16

Mark Stevens, County Archivist, says thank you so much to the students who so promptly expressed interest in the summer placements at the Berkshire Record Office. He is now looking to take two of the applications forward.

So please note that the positions mentioned below are no longer available.


The County Archivist, Mark Stevens, has been in contact with Dr Elizabeth Matthew to tell us that two 3-week voluntary work placements are available in Reading at the Berkshire Record Office this summer.

This would be a wonderful opportunity for any of you who are definitely, or potentially, interested in careers in Archives and Records Management. Relevant work experience is vital for successful applications for postgraduate training in this area. Work experience at the County Record Office would also be a great opportunity for anyone interested in local history, postgraduate research in history, or work in the Heritage sector more generally.

If you would like to be considered for one of these two placements, contact Mark Stevens directly on:

Berks Record Office

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