History Talking: Series 1

BL MS Royal 4 E.iii, fol.146r
Lancelot in conversation with a lady who is holding a small black and white dog. British Library MS. Royal 4 E.iii, fol. 146r.

History Talking: Series 1

Presented by Dr Ruth Salter, produced by Dr Richard Blakemore.

Episode 1: Prof. Rebecca Rist

Ruth interviews Prof. Rebecca Rist about her research into medieval religious and cultural history, and about becoming Director of the Graduate Centre for Medieval Studies at Reading.


Episode 2: Dr Dan Renshaw

Ruth interviews Dr Dan Renshaw about his research on migration in nineteenth-century London, politics in immigrant communities, and the link between migrants and Gothic literature.


Episode 3: Dr Richard Blakemore

Dr Ruth Salter interviews Dr Richard Blakemore about his research into the lives of early modern seafarers, and his teaching on pirates of the Caribbean.


Episode 4: Dr Mara Oliva

Dr Ruth Salter interviews Dr Mara Oliva about her research on twentieth-century American foreign policy and public opinion, her involvement in the new Monroe Group: Interdisciplinary Research Network for the Study of Politics in the Americas, and her upcoming work on climate change and international diplomacy.

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