About History Talking

BL MS Royal 4 E.iii, fol.146r
Lancelot in conversation with a lady who is holding a small black and white dog.  British Library MS. Royal 4 E.iii, fol. 146r.

What is ‘History Talking’?

Presented by Dr Ruth Salter, and produced by Dr Richard Blakemore, ‘History Talking’ is our series of monthly podcasts in which we talk to researchers in the Department of History about their work, their recent and future projects, and what got them interested in their subject to begin with.


Series 1:

25th September: Dr Rebecca Rist on medieval religious and cultural history.

9th October: Dr Dan Renshaw on migration and identity in nineteenth-century East London.

30th October: Dr Richard Blakemore on sailors, empire, and piracy from the sixteenth to the eigtheenth centuries.

27th November: Dr Mara Oliva on twentieth-century American foreign policy and public opinion.


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